Olivier Manitara – Biography

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Olivier Manitara was born in France on July 15, 1964 in the small town of Vire in Normandy. His father martial was an arts professor and his mother a teacher. He grew up with the values ​​of the modern world and without any religious or spiritual education. At the age of 19 he had his first mystical experience while he was discovering the initiatory world through the different currents: Rose-Cross, Martinism and all the occult environment of the time. Finding himself in a discipline and trying to understand the world around him, he happened to see a white-bearded man appear, who later turned out to be Master Peter Deunov.
It was at that time that he met his partner with whom he then shared all his adventures. In 1985, a spiritual retreat began which lasted three years. To isolate himself from the world, he left and went to live in the Ariege mountains. And it is in this place full of history, where the Cathars lived, who like him sought the Light, who received the inspiration to write his first books: three works on the Apocalypse of St. John, which have never been published. In 1986 he created the Telesma Editions which published works by Peter Deunov and some occultists of the time: Sesir, Peladan, Eliphas Levi, as well as some of his writings, under his real name, Olivier Martin.

In 1991 when the Gulf War broke out, Olivier wanted to calm the subtle worlds of destruction and war. He moved to many cities and proposed large gatherings to transform the destructive forces that polluted the ethers into energies of peace. In that same year he officially opened his initiatory school, in the San Giovanni current. After writing some works, he animated short seminars in the main French cities. Through lectures, meditations, songs, dances and energy movements, the same means used before him by Rudolf Steiner, Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov and Peter Deunov, his true teaching gained momentum. Over time it has reached an increasingly large audience.
In 1992, with his partner he acquired a small village in Aveyron, which they christened Newfoundland, that is “Terra – Nuova”. This settlement is the first Essene Village, in which many friends joined him and where he lived for fourteen years. In 1993, in Africa, Gabon saw the second Essene Village day. In that same year, the feast of Archangel Michael was celebrated. In 1997, Olivier Martin became Olivier Manitara. From that day all his books bear this name. Also in the same year, he went to Quebec for the first time with which he fell in love. Guy Paradis and Diane Latendresse, seduced by his teaching, did everything they could to return and in fact he did it several times. In 2008 he settled with his whole family in Estrie.

Word after word, page after page, he shares his life and his inner experiences, transmitting ancestral knowledge. His words free, illuminate. This beautiful family deserves a presentation:
Nazarh, born September 28, 1997 – St. Michael’s day -. His birth filled Olivier and his partner with joy: they were now a family. Fanny was born on August 16, 1999, during the annual summer congress. The family has come to enlarge and bring everyone a lot of happiness. Salomé, born April 2, 2001. The last child has come to complete the family, and fill it with this third blessing. In 2003, Olivier committed himself to a worldwide project, becoming Messenger of the Manifesto for Peace at Unesco. That year the first Ronda degli Arcangeli was celebrated, the four great feasts of the Archangels Michele, Raffaele, Gabriele and Uriele. This Round of Archangels is the official practice of contemporary Essenes, the living body of the Essene Nation. Everywhere in the world, the Essenes gather at the solstices and equinoxes to celebrate the Archangels and Angels. In 2006, the Essene Nation was made official by the Essene people. It is recognized by the Canadian government as a charitable work, under the name of the Essenia Foundation. The parent foundation has its administrative headquarters in Quebec while in other countries, there are branches. In October 2007, the Essenia Foundation acquired a land in Cookshire-Eaton, Quebec which thus gave birth to the third Essene Village. Olivier lives and teaches you, surrounded by numerous families.
Olivier Manitara is author of :

• many books, theoretical and practical, on different historical characters;
• several hundred teaching notebooks and letters to his students;
• more than 1000 recorded conferences;
• hundreds of meditative drawings and Essene mandalas;
• hundreds of melodies and Essene songs;
• hundreds of meditative movements and Essene dances.

These figures are approximate because every month, it presents its growing public with a new book, a new practice book, a new letter, and new conferences … 

How Olivier calls himself. He defines himself as a man of Tradition, a man who has always sought through the sacred texts of humanity, the source of everything. With a very austere beginning of life, he acquired a wisdom that allows him to understand life, the universe and the human being, in the visible world as in the subtle worlds. And he is also a guide who, thanks to his practice, can transmit this knowledge. To understand this extraordinary man, we can use an image: Olivier Manitara is like a violinist who has studied and practiced music and who, with his work, has acquired a finesse that allows him to understand music and all the spheres that it can incorporate. He is capable of listening to music, understanding it, playing it, composing it and, above all, of transmitting it to students eager to learn, because the purpose of each teaching is that each one becomes himself a teacher and in turn, transmits the knowledge acquired. Anyone who has truly known him will say that he is a true Essene Master. It has sometimes been said that he channeled, which was a channel, but this is false. Olivier Manitara has this particularity of managing subtle worlds down to matter. Channeling does not require a body capable of containing and concretely realizing what comes from the subtle worlds. The channelers are nothing but musicians who listen to music without knowing where it comes from; they don’t know how to play their own instrument and even less to create. Unlike those who channel, Olivier Manitara feels responsible for everything he teaches and that is why he does not guide those who approach him with assumptions, sensational theories that cannot be demonstrated through experimentation. Everything he transmits has lived and experienced it. Here’s what sets it apart from all the people who teach how to live without managing your own life. Olivier Manitara continuously writes, creates many ways to teach. And a whole world lives and grows day by day, around its works that become the common works of a whole nation. And as he often says: “I cannot do much alone, but with a whole people, we can build a civilization”.

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