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"Millennial wisdom in all people traditions "


Gnosis is the Light in its intelligible manifestation, which appears to man as a higher knowledge that cannot be learned, intuitive wisdom, direct knowledge. It can only reveal itself to the one who has recognized that life, in all its manifestations, is the revelation and materialization of a universal superior intelligence which is impossible to limit to a particular religion or philosophy. In this, the Essenes are Gnostics, because for them, all authentic religions and traditions are the different facets of a single diamond, of a primordial tradition and of a universal and eternal teaching of which the masters are the guardians and activators in the world of men. The Essene Christian Church honors all the Masters who came forward to bring Light to earth and it enlivens their teachings. Thus, the Essenes study the universal wisdom of beings such as Enoch, Krishna, Hermes Thot, Akhenaten, Moses, Orpheus, Elijah.

The Essene Gospel of the Archangel Gabriel

“It is the duty of every Essene to take care of the flame of awakening and keep it alight in purity, from century to century for the Common Good of all beings”. Taken from the Psalm (141: 27) of the Gospel of the Archangel Gabriel

In January 2015, during his celebration, the archangel Gabriel sent clarifications on the 22 commandments that he had given a few years earlier to allow the children of light to clearly understand what was required to reach the summit of initiation. Now the path is clear: on each step, we can understand the superior vision of a commandment, of a divine law. Many approach the commandments of God with the intention of improving their lives or solving their problems, but this allows us to understand only a certain aspect of a sacred text. There is a higher aspect, which leads us to a region characterized by a higher vibration and which allows us to understand things from a universal point of view. When you go up each step, you will be oriented and guided to better understand what needs to be done. A book of great beauty and high wisdom, which will touch everyone thanks to its universal language and its vision of a world that is not limited only to the world known to man on earth.

“Today the divine world has decided that there must be a new manifestation of universal religion on earth. Those who will respond to this call, who will be the pioneers and who will build this world will be eternally blessed.” From the Psalm of the Archangel Michael