Fundamentals of Essene education

Each man carries in his depth the most sincere, pure, noble aspiration towards a divine world which he remembers in his unconsciousness.

Very often, man is not aware of the forces, influences, intelligences that direct his life. The divine world is present in man and around him as an ancient buried memory. Sometimes he awakens and man can be disillusioned with the material world. He understands that his mortal life cannot satisfy the deep aspiration of his soul. So he finds himself in a higher world he doesn’t know. He wants to believe, hope, rely on a beautiful and great intelligence, but man is very complex and ignorant. He was cursed and ill-educated for centuries.

There are a multitude of influences and worlds in man that must harmoniously overlap, like in a puzzle and all the pieces have been put in the wrong order. It therefore becomes impossible to read the image and therefore understand what man is.

The proverb says that man must know himself, but for this, he must put all parts of his physical and universal being in order, harmony and peace. In life, everything from the grossest to the most subtle must be put in its place.

The man who wakes up no longer wants to live in the physical world because he is disillusioned, but nevertheless this world is part of him, he lives there and finds a resonance there in the face of the aspirations he carries within himself. There is a confusion that lives in man: either he wants to go towards the spirit by rejecting the physical world or he wants to live only in the material world by rejecting the spirit. None of these worlds are negative; they simply have to be put in place and harmonized.

It is the man who is in disorder in his thoughts, in his feelings, in his aspirations. He wants to live with a divine world that does not know and rejects the world he knows and that speaks to him of the divine world. Otherwise, he lets himself be blinded by appearances and does not perceive the true nature of his aspiration. Basically, he loves his life as a man and likes to live on earth. He would like to be successful, be strong, powerful and very often he turns to the divine world only to organize his life.

It’s nice to want to be pure, bright, wise, but I tell you to stand in front of a mirror and really look at who you are. The world is your mirror. You will therefore find that there is a confusion in you, that you are mixing the worlds. Man speaks of words of light, but associates them with darkness, which destroys life and leads beings to perdition, to slavery, to nothing. He prefers to close his eyes and look only at what suits him.

You have thoughts that come together, associated feelings and your will, your words, your actions, which go in a completely different direction.

I tell you to clarify and order your life

It’s nice to want to turn to an invisible sacred world, but look first at what you do with your life. If you do something, know that it is not the divine world that is losing, but the world of man. It is not up to the divine world to conquer the world of man, but it is up to man to take his life in hand and manage it in the best interest of the Covenant and the Common Good.

The truth is that man has created debts, has associated himself with the worlds, signed pacts, supported some intelligences and today, since he has decided to turn to a higher world, he would like everything to end. He would also like to be able to say that he is not responsible and that the divine world only has to erase everything at once. In reality, man is entirely responsible for the world in which he lives, because it is not the divine world that has decided the life of man, but it is man himself who has made his choice. Now he has to take it on and organize himself to open a new path to wisdom.

You can address your prayers to a higher sacred world, this is beneficial, it can give you the hope of well-being, but the divine world will not answer and act only if you clarify yourself, only if you take your destiny back into your hands by taking concrete actions to heal and balance the worlds.
The divine world agrees to unite with man, but only for the fulfillment of the Father’s will, for nothing else. It is up to man to do the work to rise up to this state of mind and control.

There is no doubt that the divine world takes care of man. Man must do his part. It must be in its strength, in its royalty, in its dignity. If he really wants to live with the Light, he must do everything in his life and destiny so that the Light is powerful.

Light is a living spirit and will never accept to be associated and mixed with what is not intelligence, purity, truth. Whoever wants to join the Light must be a priest of the Light on earth, a servant of the Common Good.

For centuries, men have given themselves entirely to the dark and lying intelligences that have led them to unconsciousness and personal importance. And now men are tied by debts to worlds that have nothing in common with the beautiful divine light. Only the path of study, the awakening of consciousness and the work on oneself can bring men out of this fatal association. The future of humanity and the earth depends on this education of man. Because man is a creator and in the future inscribes all that he carries within himself and all that he brings into the world.
Very often, man tries to escape from his reality, from the consequences of his acts. Invite the divine world not to become a servant, to be righteous and worthy, clear and well-educated, but in order for higher intelligence to resolve all its debts, its diseases, organize its life with a magic wand.

Men want to dialogue with the divine world and yet they are not able to have a true exchange of purity with themselves and with all the beings that live around them, with their families, their friends, but also with animals, trees , nature, spirits, with life in general. They want wisdom to find a new reason to exist and a new place in the world, but in the end they don’t really know which world they belong to: everything in them is mixed. This confusion is the signature of darkness. Man is really in a difficult situation, because now he has to take charge of his life and get out of this confusion. Only education through study circles can clarify and structure you.

  • The man full of good faith will say that he puts his life in the hands of the divine world, but what life is he talking about?
  • What is the divine world for him?
  • What world is it aimed at?
  • Is it a real world that you know or a false concept created by man?
  • How can a man turn to a world he does not know and with which he has no connection?

Man will say that he speaks in the name of what is pure and sincere in him, but this is precisely what, for centuries and throughout his life, has always turned off the Light in him, leading him to the path that leads him to world of man and gives him power to what is mortal. Man has become what he himself has implemented; only he is the decision maker.

In a man’s life, there is always a choice, a second possibility:

  1. Adhere to what is right from all eternity in the universe;
  2. Or close your eyes and turn off your higher consciousness in order to continue living.

I am divine intelligence, I like order, purity, truth

I like it when man separates good from evil in clear conscience and intelligence and puts every manifestation in its place according to the laws of great harmony.

I am the one who prevents any confusion from entering the divine world.

No unconscious, no ill-educated being can approach the splendor of the Light to bring impurity, pollution, poison.

Let men believe that they can approach the kingdom of Light because they have spoken 2 or 3 words of wisdom without being wise or because they have entertained a great illusion of God in the vague hope of being saved one day is a big mistake.

The divine world will never come close to what is not pure and perfectly formed, educated.

A rude world brings its condemnation and destiny with it.

Your ancestors have often closed their eyes to the true dimension of nature, thought or even religion, and today you are reaping all the stupidity that has been sown. So, do not keep this tradition of closing your eyes anymore, do not let yourself be guided by the blind and do not continue to do acts that lead you in this direction. Stop feeding and strengthening the world of stupidity that binds you.

Man says he wants to live for the divine world, but gives him the smallest place in his life. He talks about it, he wants it, but does not guide the energy towards real works. Know that those who do not do the works will always be weak, lost and trapped in illusions.

You have to know what you really want and you have to implement the means to get it

If you really want to live with a world of sacred eternity, you have to go to work, be in need, build a body and a life step by step, study, identify and separate the worlds within you to create a space of purity, a virgin land and protected that will allow the Light to settle in you.

You cannot be a constant bearer of seeds which, once, come from the Light and from the next moment, from stupidity and from the world of decomposition. Man is the bearer of seeds that he brings into the world consciously or unconsciously with his thought, his word and his actions. Many are sincere and really want to live and propagate Light, peace, harmony, but in reality they do not know what is the path of man who is built in consciousness to become a perfect dedicated tool in a higher world.

All beings that you venerate as masters, envoys, wise have been trained by a precise science, by an immemorial tradition. You shouldn’t forget it, because this knowledge is precious. It is he who opens the way for you.

The ignorant think that everything happens by chance and wait passively, putting their lives in the hands of chance. Therefore, we allow ourselves to express judgments or pronounce words that are not based on any wisdom, no experience, no experience. They think the divine world will do everything for them. But they base their lives on lies and the beautiful light will never come to dwell and put its seed in such a chalice.

Man must be awake, perfectly educated and alive through all his activities and all his organs and must not wait for a higher world to bring solutions and change his life.
Nobody should live your life for you; it is you who must take every step along the path of dignity and service.

Today man must wake up to the fact that he is very often an ignorant, passive, who carries within himself the unconscious seeds of various worlds and that when it comes to the divine world, he relies entirely on what he believes to be true, but who does nothing to justify his alliance with him. At best, he will ask the others to hire them to do the job, but in reality everyone must do their part to accomplish the job that makes the Light appear.