Ethics Chart

If study, knowledge and respect for divine laws are the very foundation of the Essene tradition, respect for fundamental human laws nevertheless remains an essential framework and common protection to be able to live on earth in living harmony with God and with all the beings.

«Everyone has the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion; this right implies the freedom to change religion or belief as well as the freedom to manifest one’s religion or belief individually or in community, both in public and in private, through teaching, practices, worship and fulfillment of rites. “

Universal Declaration of Human Rights, article 18.

“Nobody should be bothered because of their opinions, even religious ones, provided that their demonstration does not disturb the public order established by law.”

Universal Declaration of Human and Citizen’s Rights, article X.

Attentive to respect for the laws, the fundamental rights of each individual and the preservation of the human values ​​indispensable to life on earth, such as respect, brotherhood and wisdom, the Essene Christian Church condemns unreservedly and unambiguously practices contrary to human dignity , contrary to the integrity of people and contrary to the ownership of goods and through this writing reaffirms the ethical principles that have always been his:

  1. It is legally constituted and registered as a religious corporation, recognized by the governments of Québec, Canada, Luxembourg and Panama as a charitable work and agrees to report its activities to the public authority.
  2. It carries out its activity in the context of its own thought, in a serene manner and by prohibiting any event likely to threaten public order or state authority.
  3. It never imposes a single dogma or thought on its members and respects the plurality of religious and philosophical beliefs.
  4. It forbids any political activity or discussion, leaving freedom of opinion to each of its members in this sector.
  5. It does not use any method of persuasion or manipulation that could threaten the individual’s free will or will.
  6. It never presents to its members the thought or work of any of its leaders as the sole expression of truth.
  7. It leaves each of its members entirely free to leave the organization at any time, without disturbing them in any way.
  8. It opposes any form of racial or ethnic segregation.
  9. It explicitly condemns the forced recruitment of children, as well as any infringement of education and education laws.
  10. It does not speculate on the threat of imminent apocalyptic tragedies (end of the world, nuclear war, cataclysm, etc.), nor is it based on extra-terrestrial contacts.
  11. It rejects any apology for evil, disapproves of suicide and condemns all forms of violence, whether individual or collective.
  12. It does not impose any particular lifestyle on its members, neither in matters of diet nor in any other way, and does not engage them in any sexual practice or speculation.
  13. It does not encourage any of its members to break with their family or social group.
  14. It respects science and medicine and never dissuades its members from using it.
  15. It never requires its members to abandon or transfer their assets or annuities for the benefit of anyone and prohibits any personal transmission of the assets or annuities of its members to the managers of the organization.
  16. It uses the compatible plan provided for by the legislation in force and has its accounts checked by an accountant and a commissioner of accounts external to the organization.
  17. It does not pursue any profit and does not require its members to make any mandatory financial participation, except for an internal and voluntary circle called “The Parents of God”, in which engagement in the Essene Christian Church is more important.
  18. Heir to a millennial tradition, it works for the sole purpose of transmitting its traditional teachings and perpetuating its humanitarian and religious ideals.

In a context in which the sense of values ​​becomes a social objective, the Essene Tradition proposes a lifestyle that is articulated around respect for the living, because every being is ultimately only a manifestation of God.

The Essene strives to awaken the virtues in himself, which in his vision are the most concrete manifestation of the presence of God. It is the reason why he considers that they are not abstractions, but rather eternal principles.

It is the latter who feed life and ensure that man finds the path that leads him to offer his mortal life to a higher life. This gift of self, for what is greatest, is the profound meaning of man’s life on earth; it is also the sense of Religion, of sacred worship and of the word given.


“The Essene Christian Church supports the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. It recognizes that everyone has freedom of thought, worship and religion. “


“The Essene Christian Church encourages all humanitarian, educational and environmental works by contributing to the dignity of all living beings.”


«The Essene Christian Church urges respect for all living beings, all cultures and traditions. It encourages democracy and secularism in its dimension of openness and religious tolerance. It condemns anti-Semitism and oppression of minorities, whatever they are. “


“The Essene Christian Church defends the values ​​of the couple and the family, mutual and intergenerational support, the transmission of knowledge, respect and solidarity.”


“The Essene Christian Church condemns all forms of fanaticism and violence, the oppression of minorities, be they ethnic, religious or political.”


«The Essene Christian Church does not want to change the world. It considers that every point of view can exist and does not try to impose its way of thinking. “


“The Essene Christian Church encourages all beings to live together in respect, in harmony with the Earth, in mutual support.”

To take care of

“The Essene Christian Church actively works to take care of everything that is beautiful, precious and sacred on Earth.”


“The Essene Christian Church does not reject new technologies but encourages vigilance, parsimony and the search for balance for the good of all beings.” However, it condemns any type of technological innovation that undermines the integrity of the person as a whole and that violates the universal declaration of human rights.


“The Essene Christian Church works to preserve the common good, everything that touches and vivifies the soul of all beings in universality.”

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