The Archangels

Speaking about the Archangels is not a simple process because, how can we talk about a world in which we do not live and whose reality we ignore most? Although their existence is confirmed in the writings of the Judeo-Christian tradition and of many currents known as the New Age, it is difficult to have a clear idea, stripped of any fantasy, illusion, lie that allows us to approach them in the right attitude and in the right education.

1. Who are the Archangels?

The way we will address this question is that of the structure of the universe. Indeed, the hierarchy of the universe already gives us a perspective on the nature of the Archangels and their role in creation. God is said to have created the world in 7 days. It is obviously not about time but about the 7 realms of Creation: the Gods, the Archangels, the Angels, men, animals, plants and minerals. In this hierarchy two groups of kingdom can be distinguished: those of heaven, of the Father (The gods, the Archangels and the Angels) and those of the earth, of the Mother (Men, animals, plants and minerals).

The Father is the hidden animated and creative principle, the one who lives beyond all life. By remaining invisible, he reveals himself through all his creatures with his eternal immutable principles (the Gods), his eternal laws (the Archangels) and his facts, the virtues of the laws (the Angels). It is these principles, these laws and virtues that make up what is called the divine world.

The Mother is the subtle intelligence that welcomes all creatures in the manifested world. It is the nature and intelligence hidden behind it.

Therefore, the universe is governed by divine laws which man must study and apply in order to live in harmony with the divine world. The law we are talking about here is right. It is divine and comes from the Father. It is she who has structured all the worlds and allows them to live. Hence, according to Essene wisdom, the Archangels are actually divine law.

“We Archangels live in a world of laws. We are the divine law “(Gospel of the Archangel Gabriel, Psalm 121, verse 6).

They are therefore the guardians of the divine world who do not let in anything that does not conform to the Light, to the divine laws. Consequently, the divine world will never come closer and validate a confused world; he comes to live in what corresponds to him, in what is wise, structured according to the laws, in harmony with his own nature.

An Archangel is a Guardian of Light who comes from a world where Light is an infinite and immortal ocean that no one can extinguish. In this world, it is darkness that is weak. However on earth, it is completely the opposite, since it is not divine laws that govern our lives and it is darkness that governs our world. To reverse the trend, it is up to man to respect the laws of the divine world to draw him into his life, but men have cultivated misconceptions about the divine world and the laws that govern it. This is one of the reasons why an Archangel comes to earth through a master, in an Essena tradition and school to honor the promise of God who does not want to renounce the Light that shines in the darkness and wants to become conscious.

Indeed, if we know the existence of the Archangels today, it is because he was the first Enoch. Enoch is the father-mother of the tradition of Light on earth. It was he, the first, who received the revelation of the laws of God and transmitted it to us through a row of teachers, prophets who left us his legacy of being able to be children, even parents of the Light on earth. Long before Jesus, Enoch recounts his experience and mission. It is the great divine mystery that speaks to him in these terms through the Archangels and Angels:

“I am the Lord, not created by hands and without change.

My thought is the intelligence of all the subtle worlds.

My wisdom and my verb are the creators of all that exists in the manifested worlds.

My eyes observe all the things that stand before me in fear of the unknown.

If I look away, everything that is created will return to the unmanifest.

Open your mind, Enoch, and know the one who speaks to you and instructs you.

I send you the angels who led you to me so that they can be your guardians and teach you my commandments. Return to earth and tell faithful men what I have said to you and everything you have seen, from the first heaven to my throne, as well as the angelic hierarchies. Because I created everything and everything is at my service.

From their handwritten books, they will read them and thus know me as the Creator of all things. They will understand that there is no other God besides me.

Let them distribute the books you have written to your children, generation after generation, nation after nation.

I give you, Enoch, my intercessor, the archivalist Michaël to protect you from the works of your fathers Adam, Seth, Énosh, Caiman, Mahaleleel and Jared, your father. They do not respect me, they refuse my commandments, they prefer to bow to the false Gods rather than to me. They managed to convince the world with their teachings, to commit the most abominable offenses, most of the time against each other, most of the time with inconceivable wickedness. “

In his Gospel, the Archangel Raphael explains to us the reasons why the Archangels attach importance to the lineage of the teachers: “They are for us the kingdom of the Father in your world. As long as a master is alive on earth, we cannot abandon him. If this line is interrupted, the world of men will no longer exist for the Archangels. Then the Angels will leave the earth and men will be completely invaded by the lower realms of mortality “(Gospel of the Archangel Raphael, Psalm 39, verse 1). This demonstrates the importance of the lineage of the sons and daughters of Enoch who brought Light to earth. Enoch, through his sacred priesthood, allowed a higher world to speak to us and pass on his laws and commandments. In his life,

– Michael, the Eternal Father of Fire,

– Raphael, the Eternal Father of the air,

– Gabriel, the Eternal Father of water,

– Uriel, the Eternal Father of the earth.

These 4 great Archangels are the bearers of the throne of God in the Apocalypse, but also the 4 faces of the pyramid in Egypt. We still find them in the sphinx, whose 4 animals that make it up will later be embodied by the 4 evangelists who carry the teaching of Christ. It is from their presence that all the religions known in the human world were born.

2. How did the Archangels speak to humanity?

An Archangel lives outside of time and space in a world of perfection. It is therefore the expression of the laws of the divine world. It is from these divine laws transmitted by God’s envoys that the main religions we know today were born. It is Gabriel, the great principle of water in all its manifestations, whether physical, spiritual or divine, which is at the source of all the so-called religions revealed on earth. Gabriele is the being of kindness, love, being of all relationships. It is this communication that leads us to a higher world, where we begin to live with our soul and to have a relationship of wisdom, greatness and intelligence. It is the water of our soul. Gabriele speaks to us and teaches us from the dawn of time through his envoys. As Olivier Manitara, living memory of the Essene tradition, recalls in his work “Messages to religions”, we tend to lock ourselves in concepts, but we must open up because what has been given to humanity through Moses, Buddha, Jesus and Muhammad are nothing but beauty. What men have done is a different story, but if we go back to the source, we can only see the mercy and kindness. This goodness is the great archangel Gabriel. Gabriel is said to be at the origin of all religions and civilizations, because they were all born from water, near a river, such as the Nile or the Ganges, or from the ocean.

The first great religion was that of Egypt of the first pharaohs, of which we have lost track and which was prior to Egyptologists’ Egypt. It was the new impetus of the divine world after Atlantis. It was the first great original religion and was on a higher level of consciousness. Pharaoh was truly a Son of the Sun, an envoy from the higher worlds. All Egyptian civilization was built in accordance with divine laws, on the protection and conservation of mysteries. It was also the last civilization to maintain purity and government in harmony with the wisdom of the gods. It has left a grandiose light for all humanity and from it all the sacred currents of mysteries and the tradition of Light are derived. The Pharaohs Sons of the Sun were Sons of God, beings in the service of the divine world. Then came Ramses II, who usurped the power of Pharaoh and marked the beginning of the collapse of Egypt which in ancient language means the house of God. Seeing that Egypt was lost, Moses, who was a Son of God, left the country with priests. After the Exodus, he was this great master to give birth to Judaism. Indeed, Moses was the founding father of the Jewish tradition, in which we recognize Gabriel as a great Archangel, a servant of God. The Jews place a strong emphasis on the intellectual side. Judaism is a religion of occultism that has touched thought. It can be considered the head of the universal man. Christianity appeared later and Gabriel was there from the beginning when he announced the birth of St. John the Baptist and Jesus. Christianity has especially touched the universal heart of man. He tried to develop the qualities of the heart, to bring values ​​of kindness, generosity, sharing and love. Later Mohammed came, who brought the great religion of Islam on the basis of the Koran that was dictated to him by Gabriel.

“I Gabriel, I was present at the foundation of the Pharaohs civilization; I saved Moses from the waters; I announced the birth of Jesus and baptized him in the Jordan; I educated the prophet Muhammad and today I found the Essene nation. (Essene Gospel of the Archangel Gabriel, Psalm 130, verse 45).

3. The Archangels at the basis of the new religion desired by the Father?

The source of the Egyptian religion, Judaism, Christianity and Islam was Gabriel, and today it is the same Gabriel who gave birth to these worlds and speaks again. Indeed, a new religion appears, the Essene religion heir to these 3 religions and open to all faiths. The divine world asked the Essenes to place the 4 divine seals of Work, Health, Family and Money on earth.

Work is the seal of Archangel Michael and the divine essence of fire;

Health is the seal of the Archangel Raphael and the divine essence of the air;

the Family is the seal of the Archangel Gabriel and the divine essence of water;

Silver, which must be understood as creative energy, is the seal of the Archangel Uriel and the divine essence of the earth.

In our world, these 4 seals as well as the 4 elements have been cut from their divine origin and diverted towards mortal ends, for the sole satisfaction of men, to the detriment of other kingdoms in nature. The Father, through his hierarchy, therefore asked the Essenes to place the 4 original Seals of the divine world on earth so that work, health, family and money are once again bridges that connect man and earth to their origin. divine.

As pointed out by Olivier Manitara, a contemporary Essenian master in Enoch’s filiation, positioning these 4 Seals was a work of Light of great difficulty for the Essenes. Indeed, these four fundamental pillars of human life are extremely polluted and distorted in today’s world. The first three seals were affixed in 2009 and 2010 and since the Essenes failed to put the Silver seal after more than a year of intense work, it was finally the same Archangel Gabriel who placed the seal of money for the glory of the Father. To maintain the activation of these 4 seals as a permanent presence of the divine world on earth, the 4 Archangels transmitted the four cults of Fire, Air, Water and land of Light to the Essene Nation.

In the solstices and equinoxes, the Essenes meet to call and celebrate in turn Michael, Gabriele, Raffaele and Uriele, the 4 great Archangels, who are the Fathers of the tradition of Light on earth and in humanity. This discipline is called in the contemporary Essene tradition: La Ronda defli Arcangeli. It consists for the Essenes to bring an Angel into their life through a virtue, to celebrate the 4 feasts of the Archangels during the year and to study their message in the form of psalms. It is during these 4 great annual celebrations that the Psalms of the Essena Bible were transmitted directly to the Temple of the Archangels, between September 2003 and June 2016, the vast majority in France, then in Spain and Canada, and others in Italy, Switzerland and Haiti. This is the new revelation of God for our times. The Archangel transmits his message, in the name of the Father, through the Essenes gathered to invoke and honor him. These are moments of sharing and offering.

It is not channeling or mediumistic activity, but the sacred fruits of a school of mysteries that works on earth for the harmonious formation of man in the light of a common superior consciousness. The Essenes offer the best of themselves to a beautiful and good-natured superior intelligence; the Archangels offer their blessing, their protection and even their psalms. For the Essenes, these texts are sacred because they emanate from a superior divine intelligence. They are sacred in the same way as the texts of religions and traditions emanating from a higher intelligence. The psalms of the Archangel emit a certain vibration that has the power to balance and increase the vibratory level of the sincere and devoted student. To understand a psalm, you must enter this particular vibration, you must accept it. So it is possible to reach higher regions of awakening, intelligence, perception, consciousness. This experience, if repeated often, becomes a true training that allows the practitioner to elevate his being and his life into a true education and a transformation of himself. The Essenes study and meditate with different psalms of the Archangels to increase not only their own vibration, but also that of their own family, their entourage, humanity. The goal is to bless the earth and alleviate all those who are immersed in suffering from ignorance and from the intensive cultivation of the low vibrations that generate the negative. The Essenes use the psalms of the Archangel as a powerful catalyst to generate a positive wave, a powerful magnetic field capable of awakening a growing number of individuals from another point of view and another way of life. The Archangels, through the Essene Bible and its psalms have a purpose. Archangel Uriel (Psalm 12, verse 16) says in this sense “We, the Archangels, will be faithful to our covenant and we will work so that the Father of all fathers can come down among you. This is the seal of our alliance. “

The divine world does not need man to live. But the Archangels want to glorify the Father in all worlds, even in the depths of the earth (Essene Gospel of Gabriel, Psalm 63, verse 12). They live to honor the Father in his will. This is the reason why it clearly appears that the Essene religion does not derive from a human will, but from a divine world that wants to touch the whole earth.

4. Approach the Archangels today.

Man’s mistake is wanting to live alone and for himself, wanting to be in HIS consciousness, HIS feelings, living in HIS being, being what he is or think he is. He wants everything to come from him according to what he has understood. Thus attracts an atmosphere towards him that is not inhabited by the Gods. Very often, men place the divine world in an abstraction, in ideas and beliefs far from their life and essential concerns. They live in concepts, imaginations, desires. They don’t necessarily see the world as it is, but rather how they see it. They constantly project their desires onto their surroundings. They imagined a spiritual and divine world, dreamed of “angels” and projected all this creativity into the world of “archangels”,

The real world of the Archangels can communicate with humans and even exist on earth, but this requires that men are pure and true, that they are properly trained and educated.

This is why, relentlessly, they sent teachers responsible for setting up initiation schools to educate men. Archangels do not want to speak to extraterrestrials, to enlightened people, to extravagant people without wisdom who speak of love and make war, who glorify intelligence and say only meaningless things, which are only beggars. It is important to underline the fact that in the world, the secret of the real man is guarded by the Archangels. It is they who make man in form a true human being in spirit and in life. Archangel Gabriel says in this sense:

“If I were a man on earth, I would have the eyes of truth, I would have the nose for harmonious exchanges with all living beings, both positive and negative. In any relationship, I would like to seek what is right and which balances all worlds. I would have a mouth that would only say words that glorify the truth. I would have ears that I would have used to listen to melodies, sounds, noises to listen and understand what is said through each sound manifestation. I would have an aura, a light around me, which would be the manifestation of laughter, spontaneity and joy of children who look so much like jumping and singing. With my breath, I will do my best not to hurt and never, inside or out, I will not give up a being in a closet, with my ability to move, I would be in harmony with all the gestures and cultivate the ability to imitate the postures of all creatures in order to make representation through all my movements. In my movements, I would be the incarnation and representation of the worlds “(Essene Gospel of the Archangel Gabriel, Psalm 108, verse 410).

Therefore, man must be trained to approach the living and eternal world of Gabriel and receive in him a structure of Light that will allow him to be alive with his soul and to enter into a harmonious dialogue with all beings and all realms . So the world of the Archangels will be there for everyone, in truth and beauty, in sharing. When the intelligence of the Archangels is activated in the human body and can take its right place and its right function, the 4 elements are ordered, harmonized, healed and placed in the creative force of Light. The 4 basic elements are essential in human life. They are naturally associated with the Mother. If they are animated by the power of the 4 Archangels, they are no longer dead elements, as men conceive. They become alive and intelligent in communicating with the higher worlds. Then man is no longer empty: he is inhabited by these higher worlds of eternity. The air opens distant worlds to him, the fire illuminates him, the water animates his senses and the earth speaks to him.

Therefore, within the Essena tradition, entering the Archangel’s Rotunda or an Archangel’s temple is acquiring the unique opportunity to transform its atmosphere, its relationship with oneself and with the other. It is a path of awakening, purification and second birth. For the Archangel Uriel, if we want to see the Light, we must give it a stable and hermetic body so that no external element can disturb it. Therefore he invites us to practice meditation until we are stable and keeps us in unshakable justice, especially in a temple of Archangels. We must be present and focused, able to show our respect, our attention, our aspiration to serve and to distinguish ourselves from what is superior to everything. “In the atmosphere of the temple of an Archangel, pay attention to your gestures. Don’t let sleep steal your body. Don’t let any thought take you into his world or take possession of your soul. Through a simple thought, a being, a world can take a look at the temple to steal part of the light […] Nothing must pass. You must be aware, transform yourself into screens, pillars, in unshakable stability for the Light that will come. “

If there is a place where the body must be put aside, it is in the temple of an Archangel, when the great light is present and it is finally possible to feed on elements other than those that make up our daily life. So when we enter the temple of an Archangel, we must be able to become the servants of the higher light and be able to use each of our bodies not only to capture intelligence, but also to make it an instrument. capable of producing a work that goes in the same direction.

In conclusion, the Archangels are superior beings who live in the world of Light God. Their purpose is to glorify the Father in all worlds, making his will known to men, through the children and descendants of Enoch. Their mission is divine and they are at the service of the Father of all fathers.