Mary Magdalena, the Christ -Woman

Myriam of Magdala is perhaps one of the most controversial figures in Christianity. Considered a woman who lived a life somewhat dissolute by some and a great initiate, a priestess consecrated to the Most High, by others, her personality and role in the life of Master Yeshua still remain a mystery for many theologians. What was the orientation of your life? What was the nature of your relationship with Jesus? Who really was this woman whose esoteric tradition has preserved the memory with great precision? Olivier Manitara, himself Essene and connoisseur of the history of his people, tries to answer these questions, proposing a new vision on the life of this surprising woman. We propose you to discover together the devoted and demanding path of this initiate of exception, remained shrouded in mystery and still an authentic torch of inspiration for the female ideal, through time. “Myriam of Magdala, nicknamed Miri by her sister Marta, was born in Antioch of Syria around the year 4, from a Syrian father, Theophilus, local governor of the province and from Eucaria, a Jew of the royal lineage of King David. His father was a very wealthy merchant: he traded with the East and Egypt. Lazarus, who will later be named San Giovanni, was his brother. They were both very pious and very close to the family of Jesus and to that of Saint John the Baptist and very close to the Essenes although not part of their communities. Jesus worshiped this family and often went to visit it.

A woman out of the ordinary.

Maria Maddalena was a woman out of the ordinary, dynamic, creative, with a magnetic, irresistible beauty, which came from her inner beauty, from the greatness of her soul. It had an iron will as its patrimony, and like some somewhat particular women, a sort of clairvoyance and innate knowledge, unveiled towards almost all worlds. Although this has nothing to do with what is known today, Maria Maddalena was a feminist: she fought for women’s rights; for example, in order for them to obtain the right to enter synagogues. The social position she occupied made her a protégé of the Roman administration from which her father came. There was in her a grace that can only come from the soul, from the spirit. He felt love for the Light. Her impetuosity, the strength of her love gave her a fiery image, of an amazing charisma. Mary Magdalene is the image of the woman who takes the world into her heart: it represents the woman who brings her heart closer to the heart of the Mother of the world, to the Soul of the Earth-Mother. Essene of heart and spirit, Mary Magdalene was very free, joyful, sparkling and exercised a great charm with her simple presence. But she was not at all calm, serene and always wanted to do more. He considered himself a completely ordinary human being, but he wanted to transform the world: he worked day and night, he was always in dissatisfaction, even when she died. She was called “the girl of joy” because she knew how to put joy everywhere, in water, in ash, on earth, in meals. Through his love, his concentration, through this higher consciousness that emanated, through the art of touch, he also knew how to put strength in words, thoughts, gestures, bless objects, houses, take care of the earth, of nature and life. In this way, turning constantly to the Angels and their virtues, he was able to carry out numerous experiences. Thanks to the Master Jesus, he learned to work in covenant with a higher world, not in appearances, but even in reality.

An ancient Egyptian priestess.

Mary Magdalene, in a past life, had been a priestess who had incarnated the Egyptian Goddess Hator and, as such, had been worshiped and revered. In the era when the Pharaohs ruled, the Essenes worked with the gods. They spoke with the gods, lived with them, called them so that they could incarnate in some prepared beings who could thus become living gods. They knew these secrets, and found no difficulty in them. They also knew that when they had drawn a divinity into one body, they could make it live in multiple bodies. Mary Magdalene represented the feminine aspect of Isis, because in her essence, she was a daughter of Isis, that is, she was part of those women who had incarnated over several centuries to reactivate the memory of Isis. Isis was not only a woman in one woman, but she was a woman in multiple women. Very rare are women who have understood that they have to give birth to God on earth. This is why women like Mary Magdalene were precious women, of an invaluable value, because they knew how to put the Light into the world and give it a body. Their thoughts were inhabited by the forces of Light and were really in communication with bright and pure beings, who live in man and around man. Thanks to her daring, her determination, Mary Magdalene was able to find the memory of the ancient mysteries of Isis that lived in her. What has marked his whole life has been having met God through Jesus, God himself. Throughout its history, Mary Magdalene reveals herself to us as one of the founding figures of Christianity.
She preceded us on this path of love for God. And it is by going towards the Light, fertilized by God and generating God in the world, with love, with goodness, that Mary Magdalene demonstrates with her example the superior principle of every female initiation in the greater humility and simplicity. Without her, Jesus could never have accomplished his mission.

The Goddess Hator

Hator is the goddess of life, the goddess of heaven, the Milky Way, divine milk. Man feeds on the milk of the Gods, the cosmos, beauty. She is represented as the sacred cow. The horns of the Goddess represent her connection with the divine world. Hator means “house of Horus”. Horus is the Sky Hawk, the Son of the Sun, who is related to Hator, the Moon. Hator was also represented in the form of a large cow whose belly was the firmament of a woman with horns that crowns the solar disk. Horns also have a feminine and lunar value. It is no coincidence that they called the horns of sacred cows: “horns of the womb”. The mysteries of Hator represent the mysteries of the physical body and its energy, but also those of sexuality. They are the mysteries of everything that animates the body, which makes the arms move, as well as the force behind the word. They are the mysteries of the soul of the earth, of the forces that pass through trees, stones, clouds, animals, men. The woman who enters into communion with the Goddess Hator is the one whose whole body can feed the Gods. She is a completely pure woman.

About the Essenes …

Master Jesus was born in the religious communities of the Nazarei-Esseni, in Palestine. They wore long hair, white linen robes and were vegetarians: they were men and women who knew the secrets of life, the great laws of the universe. Their science originated from ancient Egypt and this type of beings has always existed on Earth. In fact, in Egypt, there was a sacred knowledge that was called: the knowledge of the Sons of God. This knowledge was a way and a vision of being in the world that was transmitted from generation to generation. Moses also passed on this knowledge when he was about to die to his 70 disciples, who gave birth to the Nazarei, the Essenes. At the time, they were the custodians of the divine Law and Teaching: they knew they were the heirs of an eternal and universal teaching. Their laws were very strict, in fact they never practiced animal sacrifice. They were the keepers of a hidden, esoteric teaching that went from one being to another in order to improve their way of life. This teaching was the same that was transmitted during the era of the Sons of the Sun incarnated in Egypt. These Essenes built temples in some mountains and, in some of their sacred places, some very special beings lived. It could not be accessed easily. A part of the Essenes lived in the community, in family with their children, while others lived in the city, financing the projects of the community itself. Maria Maddalena’s father was one of those who financed the lifestyle and works of the Essenes as he was very rich and was able to give them many means. The Essenes possessed the innate knowledge of connecting with the forces of high thanks to the art of meditative movements: thanks to the practice of these movements, they were able to enter certain states of clarity, of transparency. They took certain postures and allowed themselves to be traversed by very subtle energies, which in the western tradition we call Angels and which are the manifestation of the virtues, thus entering into communication, in communion with them. In this way, they were able to radiate virtues, pure angelic energies, through precise words and movements, thus bringing healing to the ethers of the Earth and to all the subtle layers of man. Their practices recalled eternal seeds, of divine origin, right into the earthly world.

Jesus and Mary Magdalene.

There are still very great mysteries surrounding the story of Jesus and Mary Magdalene, a story that has touched the whole Earth. They were bearers of a divine and eternal tradition that is still perpetuated today. The family of Jesus was very close to the family of Mary Magdalene, from an early childhood. But being young, Mary Magdalene, a woman with a very particular character, had a busy life in the world of men. Little by little, his fiery character, hitherto put at the service of a somewhat dissolute life, placed himself at the service of Jesus with the same intensity and she gradually knew the simplicity after the wealth. Jesus was a man of extraordinary humility: who never wanted to be superior to anyone else. Over time, Mary Magdalene, working hard on herself, became the favorite disciple, the woman he preferred to all women, and in reality, the one for whom she had no secrets. Jesus had a privileged relationship with Mary Magdalene: they always laughed and joked. But the fact is that the Master had all his senses turned towards God and reached very high states and remained permanently turned towards the Father, concentrated on his mission. Mary Magdalene would have liked to have children with Jesus, it was her vision: she thought that having children with a Master like Jesus would bring about a revolution in the world. But Jesus taught her other secrets: those of the woman’s power of realization, which were essential and fundamental for their age, which finally managed to convince her. She said to herself: “I will give birth to the initiates, I will give life to the Light in man and I will take care of the Light in him and feed it with my blood, with my body, with my thought, with my love. My love will go to God and not to death and I will bring the Light into the world. ” This line of the daughters of Isis who put themselves in the service of God has never stopped and asks that a powerful and renewed female consciousness be awakened.

From the current Message of Mary Magdalene: “(…) Being with God the Mother means not letting oneself be touched and fertilized by negativity, not giving them importance, not considering them beyond measure, and above all, not letting them direct their lives. We must go back to the earth, be in alliance with her and let her deal with it and regulate the problem. ” “When I lived in that place which you now call the south of France (in Provence), I talked a lot with animals. I have communicated with the wolf and the birds. I went to the forest and talked to them to guide and educate them in the name of the Mother. I have left footprints everywhere, in stones and ethers, because green light has the ability not only to transform what is negative, but also to preserve the memory of what is divine and to endure through time. Later, Francis of Assisi recovered the forces and impulses that I had put into nature and reactivated his memory by composing beautiful prayers for his brothers the wolf, the donkey, the bird. (…) “

The call of female initiation today.

“May women stand up, unite and take a position in order to reopen this path towards a destiny of Light for all of humanity!” Currently, the specific path of female initiation is concretely re-emerging within Tradition, in close contact and alliance with the Divine Mother. It is therefore a breath of enthusiasm for all humanity, for all the kingdoms of Mother-Earth and for a future in sharing. For the first time in our time, the Tradition itself of this great initiate even evokes her inner life and her relationship with the Master Jesus. Her dedication will even help her fulfill her mission, continuing and completing the female initiatory task. , played by his mother, Maria. We discover with intensity and charm the past of the Magdalene, her path, the tests she will encounter and pass until she reaches a Christ consciousness.
We will immerse ourselves passionately in the example of a lived story, which remains decidedly engraved in our intimate, in our heart, in our imagination, as an unspeakable reference to soul greatness. This story invites us to go beyond our human concepts to enter the beauty of an aspiration aimed at an existence beyond any earthly limit. A discovery, a science that will remain a powerful source of meditation, deep nourishment and authentic inspiration.