Jesus and the Essenes – His true story

If there is a little-known history of most Christians, it is the anchoring of the history of Jesus in the course of the Essene tradition. Truth hidden, misunderstood, or ignored, the fact remains that many Christians do not know the real history of Christianity. Yet this information is crucial to understand the quintessence of his universal message and to shed new light on the teachings of the one who is considered a pillar of this religion: Jesus of Nazareth.

The qualifier “Nazareth” used in the New Testament reveals crucial information. Indeed, studies by historians and archaeologists show that the city of Nazareth could not exist, at least as we know it today. Why then do the evangelists insist on Jesus belonging to Nazareth?

It was simply to indicate to those who can read between the lines that Jesus was a Nazarene.

Indeed, if Nazareth as a city did not exist at this period in history, the Nazarenes were indeed present in the time of Jesus. It was a very old fraternity from the schools of Egyptian, Chaldean, Atlantean mysteries and the secret teachings of Moses.

“Nazarenes”, whose etymology (Nazir-ha ‑ Brit, form prior to Nazrie ‑ ha ‑ Brit, which is commonly found) means “guardians of the Alliance”, those who protect the hidden and who take care of the mystery of God in all things through the ages. Thus, when reference is made to Nazareth in the New Testament, it is a question of the community of men and women keepers of the divine covenant to which Jesus belonged, in which he had lived. The Nazarenes, “those who know the hidden,” is another name for the Essenes.

At the time of Master Jesus, the Order of the Essenes was in full swing and people came from all over the world to be admitted to it. This required passing a probation that lasted from one to three years, then renouncing the world, giving all of one’s goods to the community and living according to the orders of the order. Then the candidate could progressively climb the steps that lead to enlightenment under the loving guidance of the hierophant and the great master.

In his book The Teaching of Jesus the Essene, Olivier Manitara, contemporary spokesperson for this tradition going back to time immemorial, points out that there was also another higher and more secret way of entering this school by the gates of birth.

This was the inner circle of the Nazarenes, those who were consecrated to God before birth by the wish of their initiated parents, and who come to earth to fulfill a divine mission. This was the case, for example, of Saint John the Baptist or even of Jesus himself.

The Essene parentage of Jesus

It is important to note here that at the time of Jesus there were several branches of the Essene tradition. The one mentioned in the Dead Sea Scrolls was a branch already dead on the tree of the Essene tradition. By dead, we translate the idea that she was no longer really linked to the original alliance. Indeed, this branch was closely linked to the Jewish religion. The Essenes of this current were very strict, dogmatic, ascetic. Women were prohibited within their community and during their office. They practiced a very austere discipline. These beings were called Essenes, Nazarenes. Others were Zealots who were sort of determined and armed political groups, ready to do anything to uphold the law of the God of the Jews.In the Gospel of Christians, reference is made to the arrest of Jesus where, surrounded by Zealots, some of his disciples took up arms in defense of Jesus.Jesus said to them, “Whoever strikes with the sword will perish with the sword. “In this, he did not claim this branch of the Essenes become dead and rigid. Dating back to a time before the birth of Jesus, there was a split among the Essenes. A majority group remained loyal to teaching with a very dogmatic leaning towards teaching. And another, less important in number, sought to carry out the interior teaching and to live it in freedom and love (Conf. The book Marie, the Essene Virgin).This group, of which the Blessed Virgin Mary was a member, remained faithful to the legacy of the prophet Elijah. As Olivier Manitara explains in his work Joseph, the other Father of Jesus, Elijah was a true Son of God in whom lived a secret mission which was only known to the Essenes who remained faithful to the purity of their tradition.

This mission was revealed to Moses through Enoch on Mount Sinai. It is ultimately the sole mission of the Essenes through the ages: to give birth to the great masters who alone can make the Light triumph and bring the blessing of the divine world on earth.Armed with this secret of which he was the sole heir, Elijah built temples in Palestine, on the slopes of the Horeb and Carmel mountains. On these mountains were caves in which Elijah and other wise men passed the highest initiations that once took place in the temples of Egypt. Thus, he was able to restore in these temples of Mount Carmel, the female initiation of the daughters of Isis so that a line of pure women be trained in learning the virtues of the Mother such as gentleness, tenderness, kindness , purity, delicacy, take care of each other. By Mother is meant here the complementary principle of the Father, the intelligence hidden behind all manifestations of life. Through this work, Elijah consciously prepared the conditions necessary for the one who was to become the Messiah to benefit from a framework and an environment favorable to the accomplishment of his high mission. It was thus that several centuries later, Elijah through Saint John the Baptist announced the imminent arrival of the Messiah. It is also thanks to this work accomplished centuries before, that Mary, the mother of Jesus, was able to be brought up and initiated into the secrets of the temples of Mount Carmel to prepare to welcome the one who was announced as the reincarnation of the great Zoroaster.

Virgin not by sex but by her concentration, her openness, her meditation and by the culture of the interior space in her thought, Marie was able to create a link with her soul, like the man who using a rocket can reach another planet. This bond with the soul allowed him to enter another world, to be in relation to him. From the fusion of these two worlds in purity was born a wisdom that did not come from the world of man, but it illuminated this world, gave it meaning, healed it. So Christ was born in her as he will be born in an extraordinary way in his son, the master Jesus.

Marie and Joseph loved each other deeply, with the most beautiful love that men can live in the world of men. The Virgin was born Essene, she had grown up in the Essene community and had even exercised the role of dove of the temple. She was loved and recognized in this fraternity. A number had prophesied that she was to give birth to a Son of God, a great master.

Joseph, on the other hand, was a scholar, a Kabbalist, a master of the Egyptian-Essene Brotherhood, officiating in the temples of Heliopolis, and not at all the simplistic carpenter that we were introduced to. He was a high priest of the Sun at Heliopolis, a great sage who knew all the teachings of Krishna, Zoroaster, the ancient prophets of Israel, and even the teachings of the Buddha. Thus, he was a guardian of true knowledge, the one who tells us that the physical body is a summary of the invisible structure of the universe and that it reveals all the secrets of God.

When Mary and Joseph conceived the master Jesus, they did so according to the concepts of Essene wisdom. Bringing a child into the world was not just an act, a child brought into it. It really consisted in calling a Son of God, a servant of the Light, of Tradition. The child was then consecrated and offered to the Father and the Mother even before conception. Tradition teaches us that to prepare the conception of a child, the Essenes, who knew the way of life or the essential of the destiny of their child, called in the first place the Angel of purity. Mary and Joseph performed this rite and, in this way, the Master Jesus incarnated through the Light which descended into the body through the ray of purity. Mary and Joseph had dedicated their lives to purity and wanted to bring Light to the earth through this virtue. It is for this reason that we have spoken of “immaculate conception”.

The living memory of the Essene tradition teaches us that Mary, in particular, bore this first child with this idea of ​​purity and clarity. When the child was born, it was truly an offering to the divine world. Naturally, when Jesus was born, Mary and Joseph felt the parents’ wonder in front of their child. But above all, they saw in this the continuity of the work of the Essenes, the presence of Tradition, its incarnation and its victory, as if this child were the result of a work of Light.

The Essene education of Jesus

The education of the master Jesus began long before his birth. Indeed, at the time when Marie was pregnant with him, she traveled, sleeping and living with simple people, farmers, fishermen, craftsmen. With her husband Joseph, they talked about God, the Unnamed, healed the sick and taught the art of the vine and other secrets of the earth, wherever they went. The Essene Virgin knew that by doing this, she was building the body of her child so that later he would feel close to simple people and that he would go to them, in love, simplicity, free trade. She did not want her child to become a prisoner of dead dogmas which distract man from the simplest and most beautiful realities of life. The Virgin wanted her child to be freed from all that is frozen in life, but she wanted him to seek to live in freedom and love, the reality of God’s inner teaching. This is why she insisted on being always on the move, traveling and reaching out to others in love, respect and divinity.

Mary, The Essene Virgin of Olivier Manitara

In the book Mary, The Essene Virgin , Olivier Manitara relates to us an unknown element of the birth of Jesus. In fact, when she was about to give birth, and the child was preparing to go out, Mary heard the spiritual voice, the prophetic voice, the voice of God who traditionally spoke to the people of the Children of Light. She was surprised to hear that voice, she knew perfectly well what it involved. The voice told him that his son was wearing a coat of snow, that he had the hair of wisdom and that at the age of 7 he would leave his home to become the Word of God. Then, the Virgin, who suffered from contractions, thought that she would lose her son and that he would be called by the Angels.

She understood the message: her son was an Essene and her life was dedicated to God. The snow coat was the white robe of the brothers and sisters of the Order. The hair of wisdom was the sign of the Essene alliance.

The Essene Virgin consecrated her child to God at the very moment when he entered the world. It thus fulfills the ancient rite and the secular vow of the Nazarites. Jesus was born as an Essene and the Virgin, from that moment, displayed all his will so that he received the education and the transmission of the spiritual laws promulgated by the fraternity.

So, at the age of 12, he was able to amaze all the priests of the Jerusalem temple. Nevertheless, she made sure that he was educated by a dissident and non-dogmatic branch of the fraternity. As a reminder, there were in fact two Essene communities: one exterior and official and the other more interior and discreet. “We find the same aspect in Christianity: there is on one side the church of Saint Pierre which deals with the exterior side, very dogmatic, rigid, and on the other side the church of Saint John which seeks in freedom and love to live the teaching of Christ from within. “(Conf. Olivier Manitara, Mary, The Essene Virgin ).

This will of the Virgin to withdraw Jesus from the outside community was very difficult to live because this community wanted to recover the child for easily understandable reasons. Finally, through negotiations, the Virgin managed to keep the child near her and to have him educated by the dissident group. She achieved this thanks to the help of the Angels who were by her side and who protected the Master Jesus. The Essenes were sensitive to the Angels and were used to obeying them.

It was the Essenes who taught the Master Jesus to eat, walk, speak, read, write, pray and unite with the Nameless, with the Father and Mother of the world.

The Virgin made sure that his education was intensive because she wanted him to be almost an adult at 7 years old before leaving with the Angels. But in fact, at the age of 7, he encountered his inner being, his divine source, the people of God, his Angel of light who made him experience the divine world in its pure manifestation and reality.

During his childhood, Jesus had great difficulty in following the teaching of the Essenes of his time which he endured with great pain, due to the austerity of the discipline. The records of our tradition tell us that in constant discipline, we asked him to learn texts and rituals by heart. He knew he was being looked at, which made him very unhappy. In his sensitivity, he rather liked to observe the outside life and would have preferred to go play with the other children. Jesus was life. But what adults expected of him, including his father Joseph, was already dead. When it is said in the Gospels that Jesus at the age of 12 found himself in the temple in Jerusalem, he had in fact run away and it was not the first time. Causing everyone’s amazement, he spoke of the mysteries of the divine world and, although he was only a child, life already spoke in him. She spoke to people who were just the keepers of a dead letter, of an extinct tradition. Only an Essene master like Jesus could bring the divine spirit which enlivens the letter, the teaching, giving it a higher meaning.

The story goes that it was from this moment that Joseph no longer imposed discipline on his son. He even became his pupil without really showing it. Discreetly, he began to listen to him and follow him. Joseph later converted to Essenism and went to Egypt with the whole family to find the origins of this tradition. Thus, when we speak, in the Bible, of the episode of the flight to Egypt (which comes from egy: house and Ptah: God, the cosmos and which means the house of divine knowledge), it is a question of a hidden language which means that Joseph, Mary and Jesus are an Essene family which takes refuge in the wisdom of the envoys of the Light whose source is Egypt. In this country, the Essenes were not as they are portrayed today. They were simply evolving in an alliance with different worlds. Like the Essenes of today, they worked in a tradition through teachings for the rebirth of the Light on earth.

The teaching of Jesus the Essene

It must be understood that the life and teaching of Jesus comes from a science and a sacred education which were already given to the Sons of God in the temple-schools of Pharaonic Egypt and which have their origin in the mists of time. . Initiation in the Egyptian sense means to awaken one’s consciousness in the higher consciousness of God. It is a science and an art that elevates and fuses personal consciousness into the highest consciousness. It is for this reason that the initiates called themselves the Sons of God, those who were born into the divine consciousness.

Moses will be considered an Elohim, a Son of God, a God in God. Jesus too will be considered the son of man who has become the Son of God.

Jesus said:

“Be candid like the dove and cunning, wise like the snake. “

By candor, innocence, purity, he was referring to the soul.

By cunning or wisdom, he named the body. Jesus associated the soul with the bird and the body with the serpent, following in this way the wisdom of the Essenes of ancient Egypt. The mastery of the serpent that Jesus was talking about is the mastery of life, which involves knowledge and self-control.

It is useful to point out that Jesus speaks of the initiation into the kingdom of his Father in these words: “No one can know the kingdom of the Father unless he is born a second time from water and fire. He also said, “The son of man must become the Son of God.” It speaks of a higher consciousness that the uninitiated man does not know as Olivier Manitara points out in his book The Secret Book of the Essenes. It is surprising to note that Moses is saved from the waters: from being a slave to outside light he becomes a priest by initiation into mysteries. Then, on the burning Sinai, he becomes a hierophant and a pharaoh. We find water and fire. We find the man who, a slave to his senses, becomes a priest, Son of God.

Jesus will have the same experience during his baptism in the Jordan.

The spirit of God will descend on the waters in the form of a dove and a voice will say, “This is my son, today I have begotten him. “

Water and fire are still together and Jesus has the same experience as Moses because it is the same science, the same tradition of Light.

Jesus was born of a virgin – an earthly self purified by Essene science and discipline – fertilized by the Holy Spirit – the higher and heavenly nature of man. He then becomes Christ, the Son of God manifesting in the flesh the word of God. Christ is the state of being of man who has managed to unite and manifest his divine nature. We were robbed of Christ in the sense that a certain intelligence did everything to make it inaccessible, abstract and unintelligible. Yet Christ has shown by his life and his deeds that he was present in the word of friendship, in fidelity, in just deed, in beautiful thought, in true justice … He is present when man is truly a man in the light of love. It is a state of being that requires mastery of evil spirits and forces.

Jesus said, “Wherever I go, you go; we are one. What I do, you  can do it and more. You are Gods (Elohim). “

A few lines on an article cannot in themselves summarize all that the Master Jesus transmitted to humanity because such a teaching must be discovered from the inside. But if there is one element that sums up his teaching and that of the Essenes, it is the prayer that he bequeathed to us as a heritage, as a gateway to understanding the body, the universe and of the Gods: The Our Father. It rests entirely on the structure of Moses’ sixth commandment: “You will honor your Father and your Mother. “

The Father is placed above everything, as the invisible source of all existence. It is the Father common to all beings who is invoked. The first idea is that of universal brotherhood. Having the same Father, the universal spirit and the same Mother, the living nature, we are all brothers and sisters. The law of God, of Jesus is based on love and brotherhood. Just like that of Moses.

The Father in heaven, the Osiris who stands in the afterlife, manifests itself in three ways: name, kingdom, will.

The sanctified name corresponds to intelligence in man.

The kingdom of God is that of heart and love.

The will of God corresponds to the will in man.

Jesus describes the heavenly man, the ideal man. His thought is sanctified in the intelligence of the Father. Her heart is in harmony with the love and justice of God. His will is one with the will of the universe.

Next comes the description of the man born from the earth. This man thinks, feels and lives with the influences of sick angels who convey evil. Daily bread corresponds to the thought and study of sacred teaching, of eternal wisdom. “Man does not eat only bread, but also everything that comes out of the mouth of God. ”The forgiveness of offenses corresponds to the sphere of feelings.

Temptation touches the sphere of will. The will must be sufficiently enlightened to resist the influences of illusion and falsehood.

Deliverance from evil designates the presence of sick angels who have taken refuge in the earth. It is the I, the God of Moses, who delivers the soul from this influence. The prayer of Jesus is a whole teaching and it contains the diagram of the esoteric constitution of the man. The man is the ark of the covenant, the burning bush, the tree of life. He is the representative of God.

The living memory of the Essene tradition teaches us that the Master Jesus was completely accessible, simple but yet imposing, and that is what pleased the crowd. When he was in town, people knew his habits, and waited for him in places where he often taught in the form of parables, stories and discussions with those who asked or tried to take him. in default. Anyone could come and participate in their talks and everyone could speak. The master gave a veiled teaching there, he did not disclose all his thought. Those who were interested in this first approach could follow him and become one of his disciples. You could be such a disciple without abandoning your family, your job. The master then gave other deeper, more practical, more direct lessons. He explained the meaning of the parables. In this inner circle, into which one entered by the baptism of John the Baptist, given by the 12 Apostles who had responsibility for it, the Essene master transmitted a deep esoteric teaching as well as precise methods. He said that he was working on the future of humanity through his students so prepared. Students had to complete a lot of exercises and work on them, on their own material according to the guidelines taught.

Continuity of Christ teaching
The question of the inheritance of the teaching of the master Jesus implies that of what the Christians and all the beings which quote his name made of his words. In the Essene Gospel, Archangel Gabriel, gives us a clear and unequivocal answer to this questioning. We can read this:

“Jesus was a true man who was well educated. He spoke, taught and men gathered his words and his deeds, but they interpreted them in a mortal way, like superstitious who believe in miracles and who make of a Son of God an extraordinary being, invested with a power supernatural. Thus, some men have fabricated an erroneous concept that has trapped humanity in the wrong and diverted it from the right path and wise education. They have locked up and bewitched Jesus in a false image to better enslave humanity ”(Psalm 225, verse 27)

Indeed, one cannot understand Christianity in a fair way without approaching it from the point of view of this inner Essene school. Churches have hidden the origin of Christianity to slowly kill the true teaching of Christ in order to gain greater power of dominion over consciences. The existence of the apocryphal gospels shows that a part of the history of the first Christians is unknown. Authentic Christianity is the precious pearl of all religions and initiation teachings. He is deeply individualistic but invites to the community of love. It brings together in itself all the oppositions and reveals all the hidden influences that want to monopolize man. In its essence, Christianity can only shake up the world, and the established churches have done everything to make the world accept it without being disturbed. The Master Jesus was sentenced to death because he affirmed, like Saint John the Baptist, his belonging to the divine school of the Nazarenes and that he transmitted to the crowd a teaching which until now had remained secret. Churches have drowned Christianity under dead letter dogmas and turned Jesus into an alien, he who called himself the son of man, and Christ into a metaphysical abstraction that no one understands anything about.

Fortunately, the Essene school, Nazarene, did not stop at the death of the master. Saint John, Mary Magdalene and the Virgin Mary passed on as best they could the legacy bequeathed by the Essene master. They knew how to take care of the “sheep” which are in reality the words spoken by Christ.

Jesus said this very revealing word: “I did not come to abolish the old prophets, but to fulfill them. “

He thus speaks of continuity, of a work that does not end with him. In the term of ancient prophets, it naturally included all the great sages and guides of other peoples who drew from the only source of the divine school. He was himself the fruit of the work of these ancient prophets and their school. Today, Jesus therefore represents the old covenant because he transmitted this covenant with God to his beloved disciple, who became the master Saint John. It is the current of Saint John who was responsible for keeping alive and transmitting this high knowledge of man in the “I Am the Light of the world”. Despite the multiple persecutions, this current of Light has crossed the centuries to the present day and it is still he who, through the contemporary Essene Christian Church, restores and prepares the way, guiding man towards his full development, and remains faithful and pure before his master. Indeed, Saint John transmitted in secret this alliance, which then passed through the great Mani, then through Muhammad, Padmasambhava – the great Essene master who gave birth to the civilization of Tibet -, the Bogomiles, the Cathars, Templars. Again, during the Renaissance, the alliance was embodied in Germany through a man, Christian Rose-Croix, then, after several centuries of sleep, it was resurrected through the great master Peter Deunov, who She then passed it on to her beloved disciple, Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov. Today the covenant with God has progressed in his work of redemption. It has reached a higher degree of manifestation through the Essene Nation, restored by Olivier Manitara, as the heir and legitimate successor of the great tradition of the masters. From this new covenant is being born and appearing the new religion of God.

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