Gnosis is the Light in its intelligible manifestation, which appears to man as a higher knowledge that cannot be learned, intuitive wisdom, direct knowledge. It can only reveal itself to the one who has recognized that life, in all its manifestations, is the revelation and materialization of a universal superior intelligence which is impossible to limit to a particular religion or philosophy. In this, the Essenes are Gnostics, because for them, all authentic religions and traditions are the different facets of a single diamond, of a primordial tradition and of a universal and eternal teaching of which the masters are the guardians and activators in the world of men.
The Essene Christian Church honors all the Masters who have come forward to bring Light to earth and it vivifies their teachings. Thus, the Essenes study the universal wisdom of beings such as Enoch, Krishna, Hermes Thot, Akhenaten, Moses, Orpheus, Elijah, Buddha, Lao Tsé, Pythagoras, Plato, Jesus, Mary, St. John, Mani, Padmasambhava, Peter Deunov, Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov …
Religion is the bond of life that unites man to the divine world, which allows him to recognize himself, to weave good relations with others and all the kingdoms of nature. The religion of Light, or Essene religion, does not belong to any people, to any religion in the world of men. It is uniquely divine. It is the superior intelligence that allows you to guide men in wisdom and authentic royalty.
The Essenes are not a people of a specific race and blood, but a soul people that knows no boundaries in time and space. Like a chameleon, the people of Essenia adapt to the cultures, eras, languages ​​of the world without ever losing their unique identity, and this is its true strength. The Essenes live in constant resurrection and welcome the manifestation of the divine in its ever new form. Today more than ever, the Essenes are active to preserve their universal knowledge around the living heir of this uninterrupted lineage: Olivier Manitara. In 2006, as a consequence of the world situation, they decided to create the Essene Nation to allow the Essenes of the whole world to live according to their beliefs.

Essene wisdom has only one goal: to awaken God, the divine world in man to the sphere of his daily life. This requires a profound awakening of consciousness and a powerful and stable link of Light with a higher world. Essene Wisdom calls this link of Light “I-ray” or the “eternal authentic being I-I am”. This bond of Light is imprisoned in the body of man, disconnected from the higher worlds. Only a Master of Tradition can awaken, through a resonance, what is divine in man and lead him towards his free and immortal individuality, his I-ray. When man is fully awakened in his I-ray, then he becomes a Master himself, a bearer of the divine worlds on Earth. The I-ray is the sacred individuality of every being, which can manifest itself through a mortal existence.
Being an Essene is being a priest, a priestess in the service of the divine world. The Essenes are a people and an order of priests and priestesses dedicated to the union of the two worlds of the Father and the Mother in the perfection of the covenant of Light. Through all his sacred works realized in the greatest devotion and the purest love of universal life, the priest, the priestess of the people of Essenia are a living blessing for all beings.
The consecration to the priesthood takes place during the entry into the Ronda degli Arcangeli, and the first service of priest, priestess is to carry out the cult of the Angel daily.

Study, devotion, the celebration of rites and the fulfillment of the work constitute the 4 fundamental pillars of the Essene teaching. The awakening of man passes through the study of the knowledge that illuminates, the devotion to universal wisdom, the practice of the rites that bind to Tradition, and the impersonal realization of a work of Light, as an instrument of a higher world. In the Essena Nation, the study is carried out mainly through the teaching of the Master (with the following supports: books, texts, videos, audio, courses, seminars ..), guarded by the order of the Hierogrammates (Essene scribes). rituals are done daily through the cults of the Angel and the divine word, as well as in the ‘massala’ (Essene circles), where it is possible to practice rituals in groups. Devotion is manifested through study and worship. The completion of the work passes through study, devotion, rituals and Essene formations, which allow the initiate to recreate a contact with his soul and to manifest the light of the higher worlds on earth.
The temple is initially in the interior of the Essene: it is the Initiation. Through Initiation, a space is created, which becomes sacred in man. It is the place of study, of work on oneself and of the service of Light. This space then extends outward so that the Essene can strengthen and share, at different levels: the temple at home, the massala, the Essene Village.

“Come together not to do something, but to succeed.”
Psalm 111 Archangel Raphael