How to become an Essene

The Essenes are a family, a people of souls beyond all borders, racial and social beliefs and differences.

There are 2 ways to enter the Essene Nation: the first is the conversion of the heart, and the second is the Round of the Archangels.

Become an Essene thanks to the good conversion of the heart

The conversion of the heart is the first step in becoming an Essene. All men seek God, even those who do not believe in Him. They want to be rich, God is the wealth and treasure of life. They seek love, God is love. They want to be healthy, God is perfect health.

Whatever the lives of men on earth, their trials or aspirations, their social status or their origins, everyone would like to be happy without exception. How can a man who has nothing be happier than a man who has everything? Because material goods are not a sign of wealth and do not make you happier. You can possess everything on earth, be an example and an ideal in modern society, if you are not with God, then you will always miss the essentials and you will always be in search of true happiness, God.

If you feel that what is written is true, then you are an Essene in the heart. The conversion of the heart allows you to offer your heart to God. Your heart is the house of God where a flame is lit for him, but today the human heart is abandoned and no longer ignites. Turning your heart towards God means allowing him to touch you and animate your soul by lighting the flame of awakening for him.

Good conversion of heart is a blessing for God, for you and for all the earth.

The good conversion of the heart is sacred to the Essenes. It is a dedication without any commitment or obligation that will not take more than 15 minutes.

There are 2 ways to return your heart to God:

1 – An Essene close to you can offer you a good conversion of the heart.

2 – You can make it yourself.

Once you have finished the consecration of the good conversion of the heart, you are Essene. This blessing will work on you and give you protection and clarity. All paths lead to God, but the path is different for everyone and God’s blessing will bring you closer in a unique and unexpected way.

Now that you are an Essene, you can study the teaching at home or, if you want to deepen it, in a massala (place of study of the Essene teaching) near your home, where you will meet other Essenes and where you can study together, sing, dance and do sacred rituals.

Become an Essene by entering the Round of the Archangels

The Round of the Archangels is the great cycle of life. At the rhythm of the seasons, at the solstices and equinoxes, the Essenes gather to celebrate God through the 4 Archangels: Michael, the Archangel of fire, in the autumn; Gabriele, the Archangel of the water, in winter; Raffaele, the Archangel of Air, in spring; Uriele, the Archangel of the Earth, in the summer.

The Round of the Archangels ceremony is the most important moment for the Essenes. They renew their vow and their commitment before God.

The conversion of the heart is an aspiration of the soul to live with God. Those who wish to embark on the path of the Essene tradition can therefore enter the Round of the Archangels. They will strive to bring a virtue (an Angel) into their lives such as wisdom, love, truth, magic or mutual support …

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