How to become an Essene “The Ritual of Good Heart Conversion”

.. offer your heart to God
The Essenes are a family, a people of souls beyond all frontiers, racial or social beliefs and differences. You can choose to enter the Essene Nation in 2 ways: either thanks to the ritual of “Good conversion of the heart” (which does not ask for any commitment, it can be practiced or not, freely), or by entering the Round of the Archangels (which constitutes a commitment).
The “good conversion of the heart” is a blessing for God, for you and for the whole earth. For the Essenes it is a sacred ritual: it is a consecration, which however does not require any commitment or obligation of practice. It is not a ritual for which payment is requested. Later, if you wish, you can activate this blessing, this link, by reading the sacred texts, which are the Psalms of the new Essene Gospel of the 4 Archangels: Michael, Gabriel, Raphael and Uriel, lighting a flame and connecting through a symbol ( mandala) particular to the great impersonal work that the great Brotherhood of the Essenes performs daily. It is a great opportunity that is offered to participate in a work that is being done for the good of all beings, the whole earth and its kingdoms.

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