Tradizione Essena


Gnosis is the Light in its intelligible manifestation, which appears to man as a higher knowledge that cannot be learned, intuitive wisdom, direct knowledge. It can only reveal itself to the one who has recognized that life, in all its manifestations, is the revelation and materialization of a universal superior intelligence which is impossible to …

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The Archangels

Speaking about the Archangels is not a simple process because, how can we talk about a world in which we do not live and whose reality we ignore most? Although their existence is confirmed in the writings of the Judeo-Christian tradition and of many currents known as the New Age, it is difficult to have …

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How to become an Essene

The Essenes are a family, a people of souls beyond all borders, racial and social beliefs and differences. There are 2 ways to enter the Essene Nation: the first is the conversion of the heart, and the second is the Round of the Archangels. Become an Essene thanks to the good conversion of the heart …

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Ethics Chart

If study, knowledge and respect for divine laws are the very foundation of the Essene tradition, respect for fundamental human laws nevertheless remains an essential framework and common protection to be able to live on earth in living harmony with God and with all the beings. «Everyone has the right to freedom of thought, conscience …

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